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2011 Suzuki Burgman 650 Comparison

The definition of maxi-scooter, how does the Suzuki Burgman 650 Executive stack up? Find out in our 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout.

2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout

2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout puts four of today's premiere big-bore scooters to the test in the 2011 Maxi Scooter Shootout.

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The Suzuki scooters sold in the US are the Burgman 400 and Burgman 650. Suzuki's scooter lineup is limited to the maxiscooter Burgman line, with a 400cc and 650cc powerplant options available. The Burgman units are available with optional ABS packages. History of Suzuki Motorcycles.