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2016 250F Shootout

2016 250 Motocross Shootout

4ddd’s 2016 250 Motocross Shootout features six machines from six different manufacturers all vying for supremacy in the 250 MX class.

2014 KTM XCF-W Comparison Review

2014 KTM XCF-W Comparison Review

We put 2014 KTM 250 XCF-W up against 3 other 250cc enduro dirt bikes to see which would be the best. Will the Austrian trail weapon be the best?

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KTM orange dirt bikes are a common site at off-road races. The Austrian firm specializes in dirt bikes like the 450 SX and 250 SX motocrossers. The XC and EXC enduro lines are also popular. KTM identifies primarily as a dirt bike maker, and a great portion for that identity and success stems from the large product line that is available now and historically. Bikes like the 450 SX and 250 SX are campaigned in the world's motocross and supercross series, while KTM enduros are quite popular in off-road scrambles. History of KTM Motorcycles