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Husaberg Motorcycles is known for its racing 4-stroke dirt bikes, like the FE line, but Husaberg also produces Supermoto street bikes like the FS 650E and FS 650C race-only version with electric start.Husaberg was created by Swedish engineers from Husqvarna, after that Swedish brand was sold to Cagiva. The Husaberg brand name was made official when Thomas Gustavsson, head engineer, entered an enduro race and had to declare a make of his prototype motorcycle. The current crop of ‘Bergs continue the racing-born pedigree, though slow sales in recent years caused Husaberg to be purchased by KTM. Husaberg dirt bikes are currently built in Austria but Husaberg’s Motorsport branch remains in their Swedish home land and continues to innovate with radical designs like the new FE 390 enduro.

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2014 Husaberg FE250 Comparison Review

Husaberg is slated to be absorbed into Husqvarna in 2015, but for now we've put the 2014 Husaberg FE250 up against the current crop of 250cc enduro bikes.

2014 250 Enduro Shootout

2014 250 Enduro Shootout

4ddd gathers up four 250cc enduro dirt bikes to find out which one rules the trails. Read the 2014 250 Enduro Shootout to find out what brand takes the win.