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MotorcycleUSA puts the scooters through rigorous testing and photo ops to see who comes out on top for under $2000.

2013 $2000 Scooter Comparison

Scooters offer some of the best bargain transportainment on two wheels. 4ddd tests some of the most modestly priced scoots available in the US to see which is best in the 2013 $2000 Scooter Comparison.

The Honda Metropolitan is the smallest and cheapest model in the fleet.

2013 Honda Metropolitan Comparison Review

The smallest and cheapest scoot in the test, the Honda Metropolitan was completely redesigned for 2013. How do the upgrades stack up against the competition?

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Honda scooters have garnered almost cult-like following with the Ruckus, but there are a number of scootin' options in Big-Red's line. Scooter touring is handled by the Silver Wing ABS and Forza models,  while more around-town duties are the left to the PCX150 and retro-styled Metropolitan. Honda Motorcycle History.