British Customs’ Legend Series: Ascot Park

February 1, 2016
Courtesy of British Customs 

This installment of British Customs Legend Series features legendary Ascot Park, home to the infamous Ascot TT, on the as they continue to grow their archive.

Ascot Park was originally founded as the Los Angeles Speedway in 1957, until iconic motorsports promoter A.C. Agajanian took it over and transformed it into Ascot Park. Ascot Park was seated in Gardena, CA, and held weekly motorsports races. The most well-known of which was the highly prestigious Ascot TT, a 50 lap endurance race on one of the fastest and most challenging tracks of the time. Only such legends as Eddie Mulder were able to conquer it, and it was said that you couldn’t call yourself a champion racer until you had won on it.

Ascot Park Eddie Mulder

The motorcycles used to race on Ascot Park were street bikes that had been stripped down and modified to go faster and handle better. In the heyday of vintage motorcycle racing, all the bikes used by racers, stuntmen, daredevils, were the same as that of the common rider: a production street bike that could be purchased at any local dealership. In step with this, British Customs published a series of style guides on their blog about how to convert any Triumph Modern Classic including the iconic Bonneville, Thruxton, and Scrambler into a number of authentic retro style motorcycles such as a tracker, cafe racer, scrambler, desert sled, bobber, hot rod, resto-mod, and more.

, a lifestyle brand and designer of aftermarket motorcycle parts, refuses to let the heritage of motorcycling be lost. They have been locating the remaining legends of motorcycling to interview and profile them, digitize their archives, and reach out to their networks to revitalize the important and rich history of motorcycling.

British Customs has been establishing on their blog an authoritative archive documenting the major figures that created motorcycling as we know it today, including racers, races, machines, personalities, tuners, designers and more.

British Customs is calling this project the Legends Series. The Legends Series bridges the past and the present by bringing the powerful stories of motorcycling that haven’t been told in decades to a new generation of riders. Riders can get their own piece of history with the new lines of parts British Customs released that were designed in collaboration with living legends such as Eddie Mulder, Richard Pollock, and Sonny Nutter.

British Customs has also published the build notes for a number of custom motorcycles they built with these icons, including the Triumphant which was designed with Mulder, the Sonny Nutter Tribute designed with Nutter, the British Customs X Mule Motorcycles Tracker Classic designed with Richard Pollock, and the Spirit of Gyronaut designed with the heirs of the original Gyronaut X-1 team. The parts on these custom motorcycles feature retro-inspired products such as British Customs’ new Drag Pipes, Slash Cut TT Exhaust, Pro Builder Series Mule Motorcycles parts, the Stainless Steel Collection, and more.

Anyone interested in using or viewing the archival images and documents British Customs is digitizing is encouraged to get in contact with them.