2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout First Look

MotorcycleUSA Staff | January 27, 2016

When Harley-Davidson launched its 2016 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) line of limited production, top-tier motorcycles, there was a noticeable absence – a cruiser. Generally Harley includes at least one in its CVO lineup, but the 2016 contingency consisted of all big bikes, two tourers and a bagger. Now we know why. Harley filled that gap with a mid-year model launch, the 2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout breaking wraps at the Aspen X Games today.

Between its drag-style bars and meaty 240mm rear is a Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B engine, an air-cooled powerplant with a healthy four-inch bore and generous 4.37-inch stroke. An open-element Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite intake feeds those big pistons, while black blunt-cut mufflers will provide the signature thumping Harley cadence. Electronic throttle control and a hydraulic, high performance Assist & Slip clutch handles the transfer of power between the right grip and the rear.

2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout

“The Pro Street Breakout represents a new dimension of CVO motorcycles,” said Harley-Davidson Styling Director Brad Richards in the official press release. “The Pro Street Breakout takes its cues from the streets and reflects our own changing tastes. It still delivers the depth of detail and value and the bragging rights the CVO customer expects, but gets there in a different way. Its colors may be subdued but also have incredible depth. We’re developing alternate finishes to bright chrome – brushed and anodized surfaces and tinted clear-coat, for example. The Breakout really lent itself to this new styling direction.”

The new finishes Richards mentions are called Smoke Satin Chrome and Scorched Chrome. Attention to detail sets Harley’s CVO models apart, this time exemplified by three finishes on the engine of the 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout.

2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout Twin Cam 110B

The 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout features a Screamin’ Eagle Twin Cam 110B V-Twin teamed to an open-element Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather Elite intake and black blunt-cut mufflers.

“We worked intensely with our plating suppliers to develop the hue and depth of Smoke Satin Chrome, and we are the first to use it in the motorcycle industry,” said Harley-Davidson Senior Stylist Dais Nagao in company PR. “It’s a finish that looks really contemporary and exclusive but also kind of sinister. We’ve carefully placed Smoke Satin Chrome next to a black surface so it creates a layered effect. For example, the top rocker cover is gloss black, and the lower cover is Smoke Satin Chrome. It’s on the exhaust header shields next to the black engine and black mufflers. We used Smoke Satin Chrome on the oil lines and fittings to add an unexpected detail.”

The Scorched Chrome finish is used to plate the Aggressor custom wheels. In addition to the finishes, Harley always uses premium paint on its factory-custom motorcycles, the CVO Pro Street Breakout bathed in either Starfire Black or a two-tone White Gold Pearl/Starfire Black complemented by a hand-applied graphic stripe running the length of the tank and fender. The design package is rounded out by derby and timing covers that sport an industrial look.

2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout

Drag-style bars, a low-profile console mounted on those bars, and a fantastic looking tank split by the backbone paint a pretty picture from the saddle of the 2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout. 

The front of the motorcycle sees a new 43mm inverted fork supported by a three-bolt triple clamp. A 19-inch front wheel is mated to dual front discs with four-piston fixed calipers, activated by a Reduced Reach front brake lever. ABS and cruise control come standard. Between the 1.25-inch drag-style bars is a small windscreen enveloping a high-intensity LED headlight. A small chin spoiler at the base of the downtubes adds to its muscular Pro Street stance.

Rounding out the styling package are hand and foot controls from Harley’s Airflow Collection, black Profile custom mirrors, a low-profile console mounted on the bars and smoked braided vent lines. A scooped-out seat is designed to keep riders in place when they dump the clutch, the Twin Cam 110B said to easily eclipse 100 lb-ft of torque. The 2016 CVO Pro Street Breakout also received the H-D Smart Security System featuring a new hands-free integrated security and locking fob to help protect your $25,699 investment.

2016 Harley CVO Pro Street Breakout headlight