Sidi Agueda Boot Review

MotorcycleUSA Staff | August 7, 2015

Sidi is best known for its high-end off-road boots like the Crossfire series, but the company also makes some quality boots that don’t have the top-of-the-line price tag. We’ve spent a good amount of time in the , and for the price it is a great deal and just so you are in the know, it was named after a famous MX1 track in Portugal.

Sidi Aqueda off-road boot

The Agueda is a slim, non-bootie design boot with Cambrelle lining. The TA sole is made from anti-skid rubber and can be replaced by a cobbler should you wear it out. The insole is nylon as Sidi prefers the nylon over a steel shank for safety when it comes to support. The arch support inside the boot is also removable. The toe and top of the foot area of the boot is covered in protective plastic and the left boot features texturing for more grip when shifting. The rigid, shock-resistant, anatomically-shaped heal provides great protection. To help further protect the feet, the internal Malleolus molded plastic guard has ergonomic closed cell foam padding. Sidi doesn’t use leather, the base material of the Agueda is Technomicro.

Sidi Aqueda off-road boot

Fit is accurate and the non-bootie design makes the Agueda easy and quick to put on. The lining is comfortable and the sizing of the foot area provides a snug fit. We’ve always been a fan of the easy-to-use micro-adjustable cam lock buckle system and it works flawlessly on the Aguedas. The buckles adjust easily and never came undone while riding. Because these don’t have a pivot system there was a little bit of a break in period, about four hours. They weren’t overly stiff during break in and after the first few rides became very comfortable. Like any boot, the first hour takes some adjustment to get used to shifting and braking but the Agueda provides excellent rear brake feel and easy shifts. The boot offers plenty of ankle movement without a pivot.

Sidi Aqueda off-road boot

The steel toe protector does a good job protecting the sole but if you are off the bike pushing or walking in rocky or rough terrain using the toes of the boot, the metal that wraps onto the sole can be slippery. Overall protection to the foot and ankle is good, especially for a boot in this price range and the durability of the Agueda is excellent. Fifteen hours into riding and the soles show nearly zero wear. If you have wide or tall feet, try on a set, they can feel pretty snug to some riders. The clean, simple design of the Agueda makes it a great off-road boot as well as a favorite for dual-sport and adventure riders without breaking the bank.


Sidi Aqueda Highs & Lows
  • Overall slim design
  • Durable sole
  • Great Buckle System
    • Snug on some feet

MotorcycleUSA Staff