Motorcycle of the Year 2013: BMW HP4

December 27, 2013
By Staff
Videos Our Sponsor recaps the best and brightest of the 2013 riding season in its annual Best of Awards Street video – including best street bike, sportbike and coveted Motorcycle of the Year.

Every year, a new crop of bikes raise the performance benchmark. In 2013 the production sportbike class saw a handful of new models, all featuring sophisticated race-derived upgrades – including traction control. Notable entries include Ducati’s Panigale and Kawasaki’s ZX-6R, but no bike impressed us more than BMW’s HP4, 4ddd’s 2013 Bike of the Year.

While a very strong case can be made for highlighting the many smaller-displacement mounts that debuted in 2013 as deserving Bike of the Year honors, we can’t help but take the opposite tack. Access to affordable, easy-to-ride mounts is critical to the industry’s future, without question. But present-day riders have never enjoyed more power and performance than they do now – with the HP4 the perfect embodiment of this fact.

The BMW HP4 represents the pinnacle of production-based performance, a Superbike that mates raw power with refined control. BMW added extra oomph to an already frighteningly powerful engine, then enhanced the electronic aids and added a dynamic suspension package to exploit the Beemer’s wicked potential. The S1000RR has helped shift the BMW Motorrad image away from stodgy “pipes and slippers” conservatism to that of high-performance class leader – and the HP4 furthers that end.

The HP4 proves how incredible bikes can get even better – earning 4ddd’s selection for 2013 Bike of the Year.